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Frontend Engineer - Internship

Job Type: Permanent (employee)
Expected payrate: 850 - 1100€ / month
Job location: Brussels
Experience: any
Industry: Real Estate Marketing, Marketplace, E-Commerce, Archviz
Founded in: 2014
Tech employees: 5
Total employees: 90
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  • Node.js
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Redux
  • Angular 2
  • Backbone.js
  • Git
  • GitHub

Job description

Are you ready to solve problems in the fast paced environment of a startup? You’ll be matched with a high-impact project, as well as a personal technical mentor to lead the way. As a full and equal member of the engineering team you join, you’ll have the chance to learn alongside very talented engineers. You will join the IT team to directly tackle real life problems and come up with thoughtful and smart solutions. You'll follow a training period during which you'll be asked to tackle a real problem as a learning exercice. Once you’re ready, you’ll be in charge of your own development cycle : * Business needs analysis, in full cooperation with the team * Data model conception * Development (TDD, programming, deployment cycles) Ideal candidates would already have : * Used git versioning * Experience developing an application with an object oriented language * Have at least one app to showcase, showing that you are a problem-solver Start date: As soon as possible

What we expect from you, What you can expect from us

### Requirements: - Proactive and passionate, eager to learn every single day - Experience in web development - Experience with an object oriented language. If it’s ruby, you have a head start - Worked with a frontend framework like Backbone, Angular, Ember… Spoiler alert, we really like React. - Creative with minimalistic designs and UX - Excited to solve complex problems in a sophisticated web application - Smart, productive and immune to sarcasm - Self-motivated and curious - You are familiar with git / Github - You obsess over details, but can see the bigger picture. Simplicity is what drives your work (and your code!) - Startup experience strongly preferred - Have something to show us. Some code you’re proud of. We don’t really care about your resume. We care about what you can deliver and how you’re going to do it. ### Responsibilities: - Work closely with the CTO to build up your role - Imagine, implement, test, and iterate over new features - Scale web applications used by all of our clients - Work in a diverse, dynamic environment that leverages multiple tools and languages - Find ways to remove obstacles, and weaknesses that slow you down. - Embrace the challenge ### Perks: - Opportunity to build a great team from the ground up - Freedom and support: we are allergic to micromanagement and office politics - Competitive remuneration package - Permanent contract - Unlimited vacation time - Unlimited flow of Nespresso + tons of drinks and snacks in the office - Daily Mario Kart Tournaments - Weekly lunches, happy hours, sports & other activities - Some free time to work on open source projects, preferably with your teammates, to explore new technologies, new frameworks, or just on solving an internal dilemma

Interested ?

Send an email with your CV to jobs@hackleague.io